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We offer Surf Therapy in Tenerife because, at our school, we firmly believe in the boundless possibilities of surfing. Whether you’re an individual or a group seeking surf lessons tailored to your specific needs, explore more details below and don’t hesitate to contact us.

"We believe that there are no limits in experiencing surfing"

Our current Surf Therapy Projects and Collaborations

Fulitas – Surfing with joy for every Child

In our project ‘Fulitas’ we welcome kids of all backgrounds, including those with physical, cognitive or sensory challenges, such as autism. Through specialized lessons and a supportive environment, Fulitas aims to unlock the potential within every child, creating a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

Together with our little super heroes, we’re breaking barriers and showing that everyone can surf.

Instructor oli during a surf therapy lesson in Tenerife
Fulitas - surfing despite phycical, cognitive or sensory challenges
A group is chilling at the beach while the others have surf therapy in the water in tenerife
Zelfzorg aan Zee - Surf Therapy in Tenerife

Zelfzorg aan Zee – Surfing Therapy to overcome challenges

This unique Dutch initiative guides individuals facing challenges such as brain injuries, burn-out, or long COVID to rediscover their talents through surfing. As participants showcase their abilities, a ripple effect positively impacts them and their surroundings. It’s a journey of healing and growth, building a strong foundation to overcome challenges.


While our regular surf lessons are held on the dynamic setting of a reef, we recognize the importance of creating a comfortable and accessible environment for certain groups. That’s why, for both ‘Fulitas’ and the ‘Zelfzorg aan Zee’ program, we make a special exception by providing the sessions on a nearby sand beach.

The sand beach setting offers a range of benefits that go beyond the conventional surfing experience. Participants have the freedom to access the water at their own pace, take breaks when needed, or simply unwind on the sand while observing others catch the waves.

It’s crucial to understand that this sandy haven is an exception tailored specifically for these programs. Our usual reef lessons provide a different, more challenging experience that aligns with the broader goals of our surf school. The choice of the sand beach for these particular programs reflects our dedication to adapting and ensuring that everyone, regardless of their unique challenges, can benefit from the transformative power of surfing.

Surf Therapy / Adaptive surfing

Surf therapy is an inclusive approach to well-being, aiming to reach a diverse range of individuals who face various challenges. It’s not just about riding waves; it’s a transformative experience designed for those seeking healing and personal growth.

Adaptive surfing is about an inclusive approach to the surfsport that embraces individuals of all abilities. It makes the joy of surfing accessible to everyone, regardless of physical challenges. While we are actively working towards being fully inclusive, we currently offer adaptive surf lessons for individuals with conditions such as:

  • Visual/Hearing Impairments: Our instructors are trained to provide guidance through visual cues and tactile feedback, making the surfing experience enjoyable and accessible for those with visual or hearing impairments.
  • Neurological Conditions: Whether you’re dealing with a neurological condition, adaptive surfing can be tailored to accommodate your needs. Our team is experienced in creating a safe and supportive environment for individuals with various neurological challenges.
  • Mental Health Challenges: Surfing has therapeutic benefits for mental well-being, and our adaptive surf lessons are designed to cater to individuals facing mental health challenges. The ocean environment and physical activity contribute to a positive and empowering experience.

While we aspire to become even more inclusive and are working towards obtaining additional equipment, our current offerings reflect our commitment to making surfing a welcoming experience for everyone.

How can we help you?

Are you planning to organize a group trip for Surf Therapy in Tenerife, or are you seeking personalized solutions as an individual? Reach out to us, and let’s discuss how we can assist you.