We can be really clear on this: The best time to learn how to surf is yesterday!

We recommend you to wear your swimming clothes under the wetsuit, so make sure to bring a bikini or swimshorts. Don’t forget to bring a towel and dry clothes for changing and for after the lesson. Bring some water as the salty water and the hard work makes you thirsty and cover your face, hands and feet in sunscreen. We have special face protection for sale in our shop.

If you arrive 10 min upon your lesson, you have enough time to change and put your belongings away in the school.

If you need parking in Las Americas, make sure to take some time for that as it can be a pain. Not looking forward to the parking hassle? Park at the hospital or stadion and walk in 10 min to the school.

You are never too old or too young to learn how to surf. But as surfing is an extreme sport we always make sure our clients are safe, therefore we’ll make a different lesson plan for kids. More info on that you’ll find in this blog about kids surf

Dreaming of surfing but afraid that a disability is stopping you? There is probably more possible than you think. We have the experience. Get in touch with us and we discuss the best way to get in the water with you.