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DE- We both had a history of traveling when the passion for surfing made us meet in France. We worked in different surf camps at a French campsite. After a few years of teaching together, we set base in Scheveningen, a charming Dutch surf town. We travelled between the Netherlands and Tenerife and kept working in the surf industry. It was during this time that the seed of opening our own surf business began to sprout.

In the midst of the tumultuous year of 2020, we took the leap and founded Fins First Surf School. Although there are a lot of Surf Schools to be found on the Tenerife coastline, we were convinced we could level up with our school. Our vision was clear: We want to be a school with more attention for you, the client: your struggles, the insecurities you might feel catching up on a new sport, maybe your fear of the ocean, but also: we wanted lessons tailored to your individual level.

And if you’re wondering about the story behind our name, Fins First, simply ask us during your lesson. We might be able to show you something.


Oliver Rinder

The main coach of the Surf School is Oliver, going by Oli. He is a local to the beaches of this coast, has been working as a surf teacher for the last 14 years, starting at age 15. He worked in a lot of different surf companies and got challenged in a lot of Surf Spots, but he never forgot his home breaks off the coast of Playa De Las Américas.

Oli’s extensive knowledge, infectious enthusiasm, and dedication enable him to not only teach the technical aspects of surfing but also get you to truly fall in love with the sport. Under his guidance, expect a lesson where you develop your skills while laughing the whole way through. 

Join Oli and immerse yourself in the magic of learning to surf. His deep connection to the local surf scene, years of experience, and unwavering commitment to delivering an exceptional time in the water will leave you with a smiles for days.

Anne Steenbergen

Anne, initially a High School Art Teacher, transitioned to marketing to embrace a location independent lifestyle. With determination and countless hours of self-learning, she emerged as a marketing expert while maintaining her passion for art & design. That is why all the nerdy stuff behind the company is her effort. She takes charge of designing flyers, posters, illustrations, and even the merchandise is from her hand. All her design should reflect the essence of the surf school. Although she doesn’t teach much, she is a enthusiastic teacher. Having taken up surfing later in life, Anne deeply empathizes with the learning curve and challenges that individuals may face when discovering this sport.

Our core team

Instructor Santi explaining how to stand up with surfing
Instructor gives surf explanation on land during a group surf lesson in Tenerife

About Playa De Las Américas

Image of Playa de las Américas
Your next surfing destination

Las Americas became a touristic area in the 60’s, not long after that the surf scene made its appearance also. From parking on the beach with your van to a nice boulevard and big hotels, the beach has seen it all. Nowadays it’s one of the easiest beaches to get to on the island. Surrounded by nice bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a nice meal in between lessons or after. If you’re into it, Las Americas is also famous for its nightlife and front row beach clubs. With a car it will take you five minutes and you’re already 400 meter above sea level. But the most important is that you have 8 different spots to surf depending on your level. Going from the famous “Palmeras aka Spanish Left” to Fitenia which used to be one of the longest waves in Europe.