20 Gift ideas for every surfer

Gift guide for surfers

With the holiday season approaching it is time to get your presents in order. We all know what a hassle that can be, so we helped you out by curating this surfers wishlist! Now you’ll know exactly what to give (or ask as) a surfer for Christmas or any other holiday you might be celebrating.

zinc present surfer   surfer present zinc pink
If there’s one thing that a surfer can’t have enough of, it’s zinc. This sunscreen sticks like a charm, which is ideal especially for the face. When you’re a surfer you’re prone to sunburn and taking care of your skin is a must. Zinc comes in a lot of different colors or shapes. Looking for a suitable gift option for an adult surfer? Stick to skin color. Are you looking for a present for a kid? For sure get the colored ones! If you come surf with us in Tenerife, you can buy the amazing Surf Better Stick in our surf school located in Playa de Las Americas.

Price range: €10-30

surfer present wetsuit wash
Although no one will admit to peeing in their wetsuits, all surfers do. So do your friend or familymember (or even yourself) a favor and buy them wetsuit shampoo. No more stinky wetsuits.

Price range: €10-20

Imagine getting out of the water, exhausted, stoked and ready for a well deserved drink. You want to get out of your wetsuit as soon as possible. IF you’ve ever tried taking of a wet wetsuit, you know it’s not easy. Before you know it you’ve accidentally flashed bystanders wile struggling to hold a towel. Yes we’ve all been there. A surfponcho is the easiest way to change in- and out of your wetsuit without anybody seeing you naked. Pro-tip: you can even use it as a cozy outfit for you next Netflix and chill night in.
Price range €20-60


Wetbag quicksilver surfer gift
Nothing better than stuffing your wet wetsuit in a bag without making a horrible watery and sandy mess. These bags are made of waterproof material, so you’ll stay dry after you leave the beach.
Do you want to go the extra mile, go for the ultimate surfbag: The Ripcurl Dawn Patrol wetbag
wetbag surfer present idea
When you think a wetsuit and laptop don’t go well together, you are right. But this bag made the unthinkable happen: because of the smart design, you can store both in this bag!
Price range: €30 – 90

Changing mat
Changing mat wetsuit bag surfer presents

As said before taking of a wetsuit can be a struggle itself. A wet wetsuit becomes a sand magnet and before you know it you’ll feel it everywhere and your body is now 20% made of sand.  A changing mat is a lifesaver. It’s easy to change on, you can wrap it together as a bag, and boom your job is done. And most importantly: your life is now more sand free.
Price range: €20-50

Surf Books
– One of our absolute favorites: Afro Surf, €25,00
Afro surf book as a present for surfers

“AFROSURF offers a glimpse into the history, the culture and the lives of a group of people, whose context and experiences are over-looked or under-reported, taking pleasure in an activity that often serves to define their relationship with themselves, their community and the environment. Surfing.” And if you have a good look, you will see Annes name in the end of the book as one of the first crowdfunders to this project.

– Strormrider surfguide world
stormrider surf guide surf present€39,00

“The biggest, most comprehensive, reference guide to the waves on “Planet Surf”. Going away for a trip? Grab this guide and you know exactly how to find the right waves for your level.


surf present wax

Another item in the category ‘can’t have enough of them’. For the non-surfers: wax make it easier to actually stand up on your surfboard. In this kit you’ll get: 

  • One bar for basecoat
  • 3 Bars of Cool to Cold wax 
  • a Flexcomb to clean your board
  • A black Fireball wax remover to get the last wax off 

There you go, you got yourself a perfect giftset.
Price range: €5-30

 Sex wax air refreshener and candle
sex wax present surfer

We have a love hate relation ship with air fresheners. Usually it gives us a headache pretty soon. Until we found the Sex Wax freshener, it’s a game changer! The coconut smell is something completely different than those icky factorymade strawberry things. The obvious choice is to hang it in your car, but who has a car these days? We like to hang them in our toilet so your bathroom run is like a visit to a tropical island. Add the candle, and your giftset is complete.
Price range: €10-20

Surf Ears
surf ears protection for surfers present
This might not be the sexiest gift, but it could well be the most important one for someone who regularly surfs. It is key to protect your ears during all water sports to prevent getting surfers ear. This is a condition where extra bone is formed to protect your ear from cold water and wind. With Surf Ears you are protected without your hearing or balance being affected.
Price range: €50-60

Surf Art
artwork for surfers
Being a surfer probably means that you are a fanatic, how else would you explain going into the water during all kinds of weather conditions? If surfing is your world, be sure to get some cool artwork for on the wall. And what’s better than supporting a real (surf) artist while you’re at it. We sell some surf posters and cards as well, made by surf school owner Anne. If you come surf with us in Tenerife, make sure to ask.

Gift voucher
surf gift voucher Fins First surflesson
The best gift in our opinion is an experience. Are your friends/family going for holidays to Tenerife, get them a voucher in our school, so they have their salty adventure planned!

Roof racks
Roofracks for surfboards on car
Choosing surfing over some other sports comes with some practical challenges, you can’t put any surfboard in a car like you could with, say, a football. The soltution: Soft racks, you don’t need to have roof racks on your car allready. You slide these straps through your window and adjust them to the size of your car. Boards go on top, and you are ready to go for a surftrip!
Price range: €30 – 60

Surf map
Surf map of the world, gift idea for surfers
All the surf spots together on one print: the surfmap is an ultimate travel guide to any surfer that likes to explore the world.

 Key lock
Key lock present for surfers
No more hiding keys under a stone, or in the obvious spots as the wheel. The removable Shackle is easy to install over a doorknob, fence, locker, gate, garage or anywhere you need to install a lock box. And very important: it is sand and water resistent.
Price range €30-40

Support Surfrider Foundation 
surfrider foundation donation
Do you want to buy a present and support a good cause? The Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves and beaches. They have an awesome webshop with clothing and accessoires. Go check it out.

Tide Watch
Surf watch present
If you have some more money to spend, you can look into getting a surf watch. We are a big fan of the rip curl tide watch. You can set any beach in the world and it gives you the exact times of the tides. Want more? Rip Curl, but also other brands, have GPS watches on the market that track everything you do in the water.
Price range €50 – 500

*Note that some links are affiliate links.


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