Kids Surf Lesson in Tenerife

A kids Surf Lesson in Tenerife combines the best of both worlds during your vacation: a good time for your kids while you enjoy some time off. We take your little rascal for a surf lesson while you enjoy a well deserved snooze at Playa de las Américas.


Kid surf lesson with instructor having fun

We can understand that it is not easy to let go of your little ones, especially if we talk about the ocean and surfing. At Fins First we make sure that your kids are in a safe and happy environment when it comes to surfing. This blog will answer your questions and gives you an insight in how we professionally provide Surf Lessons for kids.

Let’s start with the why. We think every kid can benefit from a Surfing Lesson. It is an incredible experience they will never forget. They learn to read the waves and experience that the big ocean can be a safe place to have fun and get an immense confidence boost. It also helps kids to form a connection with the ocean and nature in general, something we find really important. A Surf Lesson will give a good idea about water safety and water fun.

Young kids always surf one on one with an instructor. We have two different techniques of teaching kids how to surf.


1. One board, two surfers

Instructor lift kids to put her on the surfboard
Instructor hold kid while surfing the wave together

For the very small ones (age 4 to 7) the teacher shares a board with the little surfer. This way he/she is able to help the kid standing up at the right time and holds him/her in position. Sharing the wave will cause a lot of excitement. When the teacher stands up too, he/she can helpt adjust the surfing stance. This method makes sure kids will always stand-up while feeling safe at all times.

2. Surfing alone, guided by the instructor

Instructor holds board while kid stands up on the surfboard in Playa de las Americas
Instructor surfs wave with kid holding the board in Tenerife
Are the kids older or up for a bigger challenge? Then they can go on their own board. The teacher will always be behind the board, wearing fins to be able to move in the water quickly. 
By only holding the board from the back, the kid experiences how it is to paddle by themselves. The teacher will be there for the entire wave, making sure to hold the board steady to give the child an easier way of standing up.

Convinced? Get in touch and we will always discuss the best time or method for the Surf Lesson to create the best experience.

Any questions left? Check out if we answer them below in the FAQ or send us a message.

Your child does not need a swimming diploma to join the lesson. We do recommend it though. Get in touch to discuss the posibilities.

A little bit of water fear is normal. Our instructors are well experienced in handling a kid with a normal amount of fear. We make learning fun and easy. We teach them to respect the water, not fear it.

Only when a child is confident enough to surf with the instructor nearby (but not always at his side), he/she can join a kids group lesson. We will discuss this before your booking.

We understand you might be a bit anxious leaving your kids with us. Therefore we can always set-up a meeting on forehand. Come by the school and we introduce the instructor.

You can always join the lesson. Just have in mind that when a kid is quite small, the instructor will be with the child and might not have as much attention to your surfing. If you want to be at the shore watching your kid, you are more than welcome. However our experience is that kids will let go of their fears faster when they are by themselves with the instructor. When mom or dad is at the shoreline, they tend to look for help with mum or dad when things don’t work out immediately or whenever they fall in the water. We can advise you to take a newspaper, make two holes in it and witness the lesson anonymously.

A kids private lesson costs €70,-. A kids group lesson can be made when the kids are a bit older and don’t depend too much on the teacher for paddling. If you hesitate about the level, please contact us and we create a lesson plan together. A semi-private kids lesson costs €50 per kid, with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 kids.

Kid surfing with instructor Tenerife
Even the smallest ones are getting prepared for their surf course

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