Choosing a surf lesson – where to start

It might be hard to know where to start when you want to pick up a new sport like surfing. There are so many different surf schools to choose from, do you need to bring any equipment or experience and what is the difference between all the kind of surf lessons available? No worries, we’ll help you out to make the best decisions for you!

There are different types of surf lessons.
– Group Surf Lesson, depending on the school you will be surfing with a group of 6 to 8 people with one instructor.
– Semi Private Surf Lesson, You book one instructor for you and your friend(s), partner, family.
– Private Surf lesson, you alone have a lesson with one instructor.

Let’s dive deeper into it so you can choose the right lesson for you.

Private Surf Lessons

Private Surf Lessons Tenerife, instructor guides surfer

Do you want to learn how to surf fast? Then a private lesson is the best option for you. Sure, you’ll pay more, but you’ll be up on that board in no time. Like all private classes or lesson situations, the teacher or instructor has all eyes on you, the student. This will result in a faster learning curve and more specific training based on the students level. 

Do you need to have any surfing experience for a private lesson? Absolutely not! If you’re a beginner you’ll get undivided attention from your surf instructor! You’ll be standing on that board before you know it. If you’re an intermediate level surfer, you’ll be able to focus more on performing basic surfing maneuvers such as carves, cut-backs and generating speed or even choosing the right wave.

Price: €75,00

Group Surf Lessons

Group gets instructions during a group surf lesson in Tenerife

Group Surfing Lessons are popular for a reason. It is an affordable way to start surfing, get back into it after a long break or to find out if this adrenaline driven sport is for you. Usually you’ll be in a group of 8 surf students with 1 instructor. At Fins First Surfschool however, we maintain a ratio of 6 students per 1 instructor. This way we can provide full attention to each surfer and assure the safety of our students. 

Group Surfing Lessons are a good way to start surfing when you don’t have any experience or when you feel the need to refresh your surfing memory before you head back out there by yourself. Your Surf Instructor explains the basics, tells you all the ins and outs about surfing in Tenerife and you’ll get watertime to bring everything in practice. Of course under the guidance of our certified instructors, who will keep an eye out on all students during the entire lesson and will help out where they can. Keep in mind that you won’t be the only one in the lesson, the variety of levels can be big.

Price: €39,00

Semi-Private Surf Lessons

surfers walk to the water for their surf lesson in Tenerife

Looking for a group activity with your friends or family while on holiday in Tenerife? Try surfing all together. It’s kind of like a group lesson, but you get to decide who you team up with. A semi-private surf lesson can be booked for 2 up to 6 people. 

Price: €55,00 p.p.

Surf lessons for more than 6 people? Get in touch and we will provide an extra instructor. 

For questions or bookings please contact us.

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